Reptile Enclosure Ventilation

We got a Leopard Gecko fairly recently:

Here she is in her “humid hide”

The native habitat of the leopard gecko includes the rocky, dry grassland, and desert regions of south-Asian Afghanistan, Pakistan, north-west India, western Nepal, and some parts of Iran. …[they] inhabit arid and semi-arid areas

I live in a humid climate, so replicating an her native environment has taken some doing

Using a Fan to Reduce Humidity

I bought a fan that has been helpful to improve the air flow to keep the needles on the hygrometers where they need to be:

Here’s the fan I use on top of my enclosure: Wathai Big Airflow 2 x 120mm

I really like how the analog control lets me really dial in the fan RPMs. It moves a lot of air when I crank it up (when I add new substrate, etc.) and I can turn it down so it’s quiet when my levels are where they need to be. It comes with rubber feet to minimize the vibration and sound as well.

I’ve tried it in various orientations, but currently have it set up outside of the screen on top of the cool side. It’s been more effective at removing moisture oriented to exhaust (blowing out instead of in) because it pulls dryer air across the heat gradient and removes collected vapor from the enclosure.

How do you ventilate your vivarium? Let me know!

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